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  • Surrealist Compliment Generator

    This Surrealist Compliment Generator is fantastic, although most of the compliments are pretty undermining. I particularly liked these:

    If I were to combine your blood, toes, and hair, it might not be you, but it would be enough for my basic desires.

    Flies dance operas to your wisdom.

    Be still, my love, my watermelon rind. I am consumed with your collection of agile fans and pocked blades.

    You so truly know your inner plankton, it is a revelation not unlike discovering an impacted toll booth upon the plains of Patagonia.

    In your presence even a batallion of body builders could pass the New York State driving exam.

    Your face is like an imperfectly shaven tennis ball.

    The French Foreign Legion could not match the lucid beauty of your toenails!